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drugfree's Journal

Drug Free
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All Members , Moderated
This is a drug-free community, started so that people can discuss things related to the choice to become drug-free. This is not a debate community to argue over the decision, nor is it specifically straightedge. Please respect the choices and opinions of the members.

What it's not about:
It's not about "DARE", about forcing this choice on other people, about finding firmer laws to restrict other people's choices. This community is not here to encourage people to judge the life choices of others.

With that said, it is about:
The often difficult decision that a person makes to restrict what goes into the body. Whether you're against narcotic use, alcohol abuse, caffeine addiction... some mixture of those things, or against using just about anything chemical, this is a place for you to talk about it. Everyone's reasons and specific choices are different, and will be respected.

Moderation notice:
This community is moderated; off-topic/spam posts may be deleted. Anonymous posting is not allowed. Please stick to subject matter. "Trolling" or flaming posts will be deleted, and may get people banned. Please have respect for those sharing their stories and opinions. Added Note: Just as mentioned above, this is not a debate community. Please don't post here with cop-outs, or encouragements that suggest people should go back to/start doing drugs. All such posts will be deleted, and the moderator reserves the right to ban trollers without notice.