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I've been straight edge since the beginning of the year. A drug-free lifestyle has become such a positive thing in my life and I could not be happier. When I get older, I'd like to become involved in counselling/outreach programs to help and assist the drug afflicted. I believe that would be such a fulfilling line of work.

Thankyou for having me.

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hey kids

im jamie and i just joined

im veganstraightedge
ive been veg for over 4 yrs and edge for 2
ummm im 16
i do photos for local and signed bands in florida, or bands touring through florida

if you want to know more, checkout my myspace.

  • mazz

Just joined.

Hi I'm Mazz, I decided to join. Its been about 2 and a half years since my last high. I can't belive how clear things get. I still dream about them. you can actually read my dream last night in my last entry in my journal. I was a Downtown Denver junkie., consindered lower than low, not even good enough for the dope the kids on the easy have. Living litteraly in a hole in a wall I couldn't even breath without my fix. I would stumble around with my nappy dred locked hair and the pain of being sick everytime I woke up. Being with the same junked out guy I had n one there to pull me up. No one cared if i died or lived. My own family gave up on me. Then came the day. 2 and 1/2 years ago. after being high everyday since the age of 15 I got pregnant. Homless a junkie and only 18. I ran into someone, seriously a random person on the street, who couldnt see me dieing. They took me to the local methadone clinic. There i met the counsler who could make miricles just by her words. She urged me to get up every morning. climb out of htat whole in the wall and walk through the snow to get my methadone and go to group.

My daughter was born after only 7 and 1/2 months of pregnancy, healthy and with no addictoin to the methadone. The day I had her my cousler came ot the hospital and told me she seriously didn't think I would come back the first day i went in. I was so sick i couldn't even stand up when i did my intake and had to crawl off the elevator with the help of a random patient.
The day my daughter was born was the first day since I was born that I spoke to my parents.

Looking back and having those dreams I reember the pain i went through to get to where I am, I feel better, I feel healthy. I am now off Methadone and have been for 6 months. I have no more drugs and no more addiction constantly controlling my life. I can go to denver and walk downtown. and i dont automatically head for dealer row. It feels so good.

Mainly I wanted to uintroduce myself a now 21 year old ex heroin addict, who through all the pain and torcher came out on top. I wanted to let anyone else know, that if i could do it anyone can. If i could get myself off the streets and raise a child and be clean. anyone can. all it takes is a little bit of hope and to muster up that small ammount of streangth you have burried deep down inside

Under the cut is the one who saved my life
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Hi I'm Andrea and I'm an addict with an eating disorder

Hi... I'm Andrea and I'm an addict... with an eating disorder. I just signed up for Livejournal. I used to post on Blurty but they didn't have many clean and sober communities. Anyway, I have a little of 3 months clean. I went into rehab for my drug addiction and eating disorder in November and stayed there 45 days. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm looking to meet other clean people to chat with and get support from. I have been going to meetings everyday, calling my sponsor, working my first step and fellowshiping with others. Life is good!!